Evening Bath Immersion

7 April and its 22:15.

I’ve just had a bath and wanted to record some of my sensations. It was hot. It took my breath. I placed my head back into the water and noticed a seal of water skin around my face like a circle with an emergent form/face coming through. Thinking of this water like a skin. I was thinking that our skin in the water more like the water than the air. We are porous. It is an exchange between substance and surface. It is not a violation it is soft. The air is harder. We are both waterproof and slightly absorbent.

I was thinking of how in domestic water of the home bodies are guided into a position by the containers of the water. In a bath with a horizontal. How is this horizontal space that we occupy dictated to by the shape of the container? Sometimes we place our hands into the water containers sometimes put the water onto the face sometimes we immerse our whole bodies into it sometimes we are partially immersed into it. What is our relationship with this domestic water? How is it different to live water to wild water? We control it, we stop and start it, we drain it, refill it, pour it, we let it run, we stop it, it falls. It is safe it is clean it is controlled it is for our bodies.