Friday Swim, Gylly Beach, 9am

Clear and sunny | gentle breeze | small lapping waves | wind ripples on water surface | swimming costume (no swim cap or ear plugs) | cold water 

Enter water, walking into water with a ritual sweep of my hands along the surface before I plunge froward and begin to swim. It was hard to breathe today as water still very cold, my lungs were catching air at a really fast pace and it took a long time to settle.

Only partial immersion as no head or face into the water. Swimming near the shoreline today as water still very cold. 

Swimming over darkness. It is not the seaweed that frightens me it is the sudden light change from clear bright water to darkness. I find myself swimming a path that is dictated by this phenomenon of light and dark water.

I have decided not to take the underwater camera with me as I have become increasingly conscious of documenting the act instead of experiencing, through the senses, the body/water interaction. I am becoming more in favour of retrospective documentation (writing and drawing) based solely on the memory of my noticing.